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...Along the way I met beautiful people, (who have known you for years) kindred spirits. Their life force or energies brought an almost magical quality to the retreats. Prior to my first retreat, I was very much accustomed to living in the hospital, sleep deprivation was my normal state of existence. It was easier for me to be in the hospital navigating surgery amid life and death situations than it was for me to be in the real world. You immersed me in wonder, I know it sounds dramatic but that is how I felt. To hold hands with these kindred spirits, to dance in nature and share our souls was a liberation, a gentle unforced liberation. As we danced to songs (that my ears had never before I heard) I, at first,  felt silly and uncoordinated. But in a short amount of time, my feet felt connected to the earth and my vulnerability (which should have been scary) was brought even more to my awareness and I felt okay. You introduced me to calm abiding, you introduced me to Qigong, you introduced me to surrendering to the universe, and ultimately you introduced me to myself (and more). 

Thank you for being a part of my life and to guiding me with such gentle and unconditional love.(Energy) 

With your encouragement, I have learned how to open my heart center and in healing myself I am able to be a better physician for my patients, a better mother to my children and a better partner in my relationship. (He might have some work to do but I’m doing my part.) 

With much Love

Dr Alison Hastings  Ob-Gyn Sacramento CA  2021 - 2023

Danza Sagrada Circular

La primera vez que baile danzas circulares fue en un taller en febrero 2018, una semana después del fallecimiento de mi esposo. Me impresionó mucho ver tantas mujeres y además con tanta diversidad de culturas, nacionalidades, edades fascino! Fue un bálsamo para mi corazó he dejado de bailar desde entonces. Fui muy suertuda además que la primera vez en un círculo de danzas fuera en un retiro con Anni y en ese lugar tan hermoso! Gracias, gracias, gracias por ese regalo!       
Roxana, La Paz Mexico 2018

The dancing was magical. I marvel that I can still sense the energy through the music, it soothes me...The retreat was wonderful and it was obvious that Anni put a lot of time, thought and attention to detail in its creation

Lynn, Los Cabos & Oregon


I find it difficult to meditate, but in circle dance I am fully present

Karen, Todos Santos & Alaska

I attended Anni's 2 night Silent Retreat in middle -of-nowhere Baja and it was magical. Without my cell phone or journal, and commited to not reading, the joys of just being and observing were wondrous, as were our "assignmnets" to sit with a tree, be present around a small pool in a nearby stream, and eat contemplatively.

Lynn, San Diego

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