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integrative therapy

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Integrative therapy is based in

RECONNECTING body and mind;

thoughts, feelings and emotions,

with heart, soul and spirit.

Integration of blocked emotions, constricting thought patterns and behavior, archaic ways of being and seeing are given the space to transform and transmute, expanding conscious awareness. The path of the heart ushers in Love, Joy, Gratitude and Compassion. A mandala of transpersonal techniques and practices from diverse spiritual lineages, including Buddhism, Kabbalah and Shamanism form an integral part of the therapeutic process.


Meditation practices, guided visualization, mantra, qi gong, somatic and breath work support, enhance and enrich the therapy, where each session forms a unique mandala of body mind experience. 

In a safe, supportive, nurturing environment, Integrative Transpersonal Therapy invites you to untie the knots; feel, observe and allow, connect with the blessings, open your heart and experience the Divine in everyday life.


For the benefit of all beings, may we all realize our true nature!

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