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Soul Spiral

22 ~ 1 ~ 22

~ Join the circle ~

 a transformational, multi faceted journey of creative self expression; 


     spiraling inwards and outwards,

                                                                                 connecting with the Celestial Realms

                                                                                               rooting deep into Mother Earth 

About Anni,  the facilitator

Nature lover, professional pilgrim, therapist, dancer and intuitive, Anni journeyed from South Africa to the world at large in the 80’s.  Her search to experience and understand the Divine Mysteries took her to shamans, lamas, seers and spiritual Masters in Africa, Asia and the Americas.   Based in Mexico for the past 20 years, she practices Ontogony, an integrative spiritual path to Self Realization. With a degree in psychology and post grad Remedial Music, Anni expanded her horizons to include teachings and initiations in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, Tantra, Kabbalah, Taoism, Magic and Shamanism, as well as Tarot, Martial Arts and Body-Mind Therapy. 


In her inspiring, uplifting and enlightening courses and retreats, Anni shares intuition and wisdom with humour, presence and compassion on this path with a heart.  Love, Joy , Acceptance and Gratitude abound. 

 When she's not meditating in a distant temple, hosting a retreat in the mountains or practicing Chi Kung in the nature,  she's somewhere in the world, at your service, sharing the teachings for the benefit of all beings!



  THE CENTER,  9A MAIN ROAD,  NOORDHOEK       Saturday 22 January 2022              
Bookings:  WhatsApp  +52 624 157 3123             Cell. 079 294 6116

Enjoy my free YouTube videos:Enjoy my free YouTube videos:Tarot     Chi Kung    Meditation  Pilgrimages and more...                                                            anni mandala

Tarot   Chi Kung    Meditation  Pilgrimages and more...                                                           
anni mandala

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