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Soul Spiral

22 ~ 1 ~ 22
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~ Join the circle ~

 a transformational, multi faceted journey of creative self expression; 


      spiraling inwards and outwards,

                                                                                 connecting with the Celestial Realms

                                                                                               rooting deep into Mother Earth 

Soul Spiral

You're invited  on a journey of self discovery through:

 ~ Sacred Circle Dance - joining hands and hearts as one in this moving meditation, where no previous dance experience is necessary

 ~ Qi Gong - practicing the ancient Chinese art of energy cultivation, balancing and harmonizing, in Joy and Presence

 ~ Integrative Tarot Therapy ~ receiving the Wisdom through the archetypal energies of the Major Arcana

 ~ Song and Silence ~ opening the throat in song, moving and sitting in silence

 ~ Soul Intention Scribing ~ listening, knowing and writing into this auspicious year


Soul Spiral  invites you to untie the knots, connect with the blessings, open your heart and experience your divine essence in everyday life, for your highest good and for the benefit of all beings!


Option 1   10 - 1pm    R400            Option 2   10 - 4pm   R800            Option 3   1 - 4 pm  R400 

 THE CENTER,  9A MAIN ROAD,  NOORDHOEK       Saturday 22 January 2022     
Bookings:  WhatsApp  +52 624 157 3123              Cell. 079 294 6116

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